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You're likely here because you saw THIS VIDEO, as part of the "Covers & Causes Online" Charity efforts to raise money for +those in need.  If you didn't - please feel free to watch it : it's a 15 min concert where I play --  from home with backing tracks -- Miles Davis' "Four"and Sonny Rollins' "St Thomas" and ask viewers to consider making a donation to Browntasauras Records Artists.

You can make donations to Browntasauras Records and/or Brownman Music by :

PayPal donation -- www.PayPal.me/BrownmanMusic gets you to the PayPal Donation page.  You will need a PayPal account to use this method.  Signing up is easy, if you don't already have an account.
Interact e-Transfer -- sent to brownman@brownman.com
(the bank associated with that email account is setup to auto-accept e-transfers, so you don't need to include a password).

In these trying times, we greatly appreciate whatever you can give in support of jazz artistry.  All proceeds collected will go towards Browntasauras Records artists and staff (who are all currently without a means of income as all music venues are shut down in the midst of Covid-19).  Please email andrew@brownman.com if you have any questions or concerns, and logistics manager Andrew Nicholson would be happy to assist you.

Please consider visiting www.Browntasauras.com to further investigate the award-winning artists on the label. Their work can be purchased directly from that site, with all proceeds going directly to the artists (the label itself takes nothing, in order that the Artists receive maximum profits). 

1) You can now stream the entire Browntasauras Records catalog through a highly acclaimed SPOTIFY PLAYLIST -- www.Spotify.Browntasauras.com gets you there. 
2) My management has also recently setup a new Spotify Playlist that features just under 100 tracks I've played on as a session musician, guest artist, or leader through the years -- from bebop to hiphop and back, it's about 8 hours of music, all of which showcases how much I enjoy performing in multiple styles and genres (as my mentor Randy Brecker has done through his own illustrious career). CLICK HERE for that playlist.

Thank you for your support!

Brownman Ali
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Initially formed in 2009 as a singular home to aclaimed trumpet player Brownman Ali's 7 various ensembles, the flagship release for the label was Brownman Electryc Trio's "Juggernaut", with several recordings that previously appeared on other labels being re-issued.  In 2015 Brownman opened the doors to other ensembles which showcased his trumpet player, but for whom he was not a leader. All of the ensembles on the label -- CRUZAO & BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO in particular -- have been the recipients of many awards & accolades, all receiving critical acclaim. 

The label is unique in that all artists receive 100% of all profits, with the label receiving exactly 0%. It is a true not-for-profit with Brownman's vision for the label to be a catalyst for the creation of new jazz art, and not a typical capital venture as has been the goal of most traditional record labels.

Read acclaimed music journalist Terry Pender's insightful look at the label :
Browntasauras Records: As eclectic as it's founder

Brownman Ali
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